Transsexuals who lactate

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The device consists of a plastic pouch to hold breast milk or formula and attached thin, flexible tubes that run down each breast to the nipple. What an excellent blog you have here! I keep finding things to improve. I'm so happy for you and your wife that you both were able to successfully breastfeed your child. We already learned so much about this process from this blog post so thank you so much for this. Each breast contains between 15 and 20 lobes, with one milk duct for every lobe. This is fantastic information and so inspiring!

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It would have been more of service to say nothing at all, rather than be insulting if there is no solid knowledge behind their words.

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Transition Guide for TS Females

Full lactation, or the secretion of mature milk, continues as long as the demand is there, up to three to four years for infants in some cultures. I read it daily. Kat Cuccia 14 March at Long term use of such high dosage levels should be avoided, and if it's clear that no beneficial effects are occurring within weeks then the regimen should be abandoned and the previous hormone regimen reverted to. I'm a doula, and sometimes it seems futile to even get the birth world to pay attention to gender variance. However, the "weak" estriol estrogen is rarely taken by transsexual women as part of their hormone therapy, instead standard estrogen prescriptions are either of the estradiol e.

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Still if I was to become a new mother, you can bet I would be at the head of the line. As mentioned above, oxytocin is necessary for the milk ejection reflex that extrudes milk from the alveolar lumen. Once lactation starts, implants may also cause exaggerated breast engorgement with more intense than normal pain, fever, and chills. I hate to say it, but are you sure she was a leader?! There are already a few instances of transsexual women lactating and even breast feeding the babies of ex-wives or female partners. Stimulation less frequent than that will result in the complete cessation of milk production some weeks after it started. All 11 women who had never previously lactated were successful.

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