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Keywords prostate cancertransgender healthtransgender issuescancer. Trystan Cotten points out in Hung Jury: In our cohort, frequency, weakness of the urinary stream, urge incontinence, and nocturia are common problems. Sign up for our Newsletter and join us on the path to wellness. Prostate cancer can and does happen to transgender women.

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METHODS We conducted an observational study in an unselected cohort of 30 adult transsexuals who underwent MTF sex reassignment surgery between andin 2 hospitals by different surgeons.

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If we forego the expectation that any particular appearance constitutes a real penis, or that possessing certain functions is all that makes a penis valuable, the question of risk becomes too complex to boil down to "it's too much," and it becomes clearer how risk assessments partly emerge from limiting gender norms -- which is often not a great place from which to make self-affirming decisions anyway. The polices on these shift across state lines or over time, making it impossible to say whether surgery will be required and what kind of surgery, since chest reconstruction can often count. Risks vary for common procedures like metoidioplastyphalloplastyhysterectomy, and scrotoplasty.

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