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I like the way it looks, the small silver loop, especially since he only had one side pierced; I don't know,when men have both sides done it makes me think of door knockers, and the whole aesthetic changes and loses something. It's a strange feeling, because it's not as wonderful as having a pair of lips clamped tightly around the shaft of your cock, but sharing something so intimate with my lover made the experience even more intense. Their contact to date had been limited to a single, quite short, telephone conversation. It was not as if there were anything truly binding us to wait for him, other than our word. There was nothing strange in this, for, if he had been late in identifying himself as gay, his eventual acceptance had been without reservations. The scores were supposed to be secret, but for a package of cigarettes Tiny told him he had flunked out with

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What we can say is that most all of them address experiences that are both common and uncommon.

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He turned around and waved at us, and back at the pleasure boat, and then walked up the sand. Have you ever hired a muscle bound personal trainer to help you sculpt your physique? What a sight it must have been to sail between those massive thighs and gaze upwards! Apart from the all-male crew on the deck, it was obvious from even a cursory glance at their postures as they stood about drinking afternoon cocktails and watching the shore that they were not here by mistake but had come for the Gay Pride party. I didn't quite understand the noise at first, lost in the afterglow of orgasm, but I soon made out words and realized they were talking to each other again, going about things as usual, although still keeping an eye turned toward us every now and then. We tied the kayak to the bottom rung of the ladder and then climbed up it, taking the paddles with us. Locating short gay stories on the Internet can sometimes be a challenge.

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But I've always been cautious: Yet Paul felt able already to build up a picture in his mind because the name announced on the telephone had not been unfamiliar. But he made no move to take it out or even touch himself through the fabric. Age advances, but the heart remains young. But what if you happen to be a gay body builder who likes being looked at but not touched?

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