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Retrieved from " https: What the Qur'an actually says about this is discussed more fully in my book Unspeakable Love published next weekbut the key point is that the verses usually cited are by no means as clear or unequivocal as people imagine. His family members are also Muslim and consider homosexuality a sin, just like the majority of their fellow adherents. His mother once said that she would disown him if she were to find out he was gay. Local media, quoting the communications minister, reported the ministry would block Instagram in Indonesia if the Alpatuni account wasn't removed. It was closed after the communications minister wrote a warning letter to Instagram, the ministry said.

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Despite the gulf in their positions on the issue, mainstream religious leaders have been reaching out to engage with the LGBT community.

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Instagram removes gay Muslim comics after Indonesia warning

The reasons for their weakness are mainly historical or social and have nothing to do with the nature of Islam itself. Nor is there any sound theological reason why Muslims should condemn anyone simply for being lesbian or gay. During this time, participants discuss the challenges they face and watch documentaries on LGBT issues. This, in a sense, is the Islamic Catch The communications ministry said it appreciated that members of the community reported the gay Muslim account, which "accelerated" its removal. More often, it is necessary to weigh the benefits of various courses of action and consider if any harm is likely to result from each.

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Associated Press 13 February So far, there has been no comparable debate within Islam - but that doesn't mean to say it can't happen. United States Saudi Arabia India. Evan joined Jejaka in Retrieved 31 August

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