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It was a drag bike made to handle-ish for the street. Already at the beginning of the season Marc was aware that at Mugello and at Montmelo would have trouble, but that he recovered from subsequent races. When the weekend came, you hooked up with your friends, you went out to the bars, you went to club runs, and you hung out with people that were just like you. I grew up in Morocco and the only thing close to riding a motorcycle back then was a camel or my donkey named Kabor!! What can I say, I enjoy a good hard ride, what's between my legs is an academic: I did it sheepishly knowing I was betraying some male code, but damn, a nearly free bike!?!?

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I concur.

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El Toro. Stopped riding for 25 years while living in Central London and then Manhattan. He has special powers:

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Anyway, the above would partly explain the reason why I left Guadeloupe at the end of my teens and found myself in the Air Force Academy and then, behind the cockpit of a Mirage C in no time.

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