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A book by and for women. Next, county areas were filled by graduated colors representing the relative proportion of same-sex households to all households per county. The nature of studying or working with community-based organizations requires some allowances for imperfections in the data collected. Radically gay: Hodges required all 50 states to recognize same-sex marriage. Scout, Bradford J, Fields C. Ten new organizations were included that had not been otherwise identified, of which two met the criteria for an LGBT community center.

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Any new organizations that was identified via the GuideStar search were added to the list.

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Esterberg KG. Transgender medicine: The infrastructure for community-based health services was being established with the proliferation of LGB community centers throughout the country.

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Indexes to Gay and Lesbian Periodical Articles Articles about lesbian and gay issues can be found in nearly every popular and academic periodical.

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