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Same, in all honesty. Shunsuke Daito. She appears to be the most placid member of the club's ruling council, but she never objects to any of the club's plans, rather assisting and making things worse. Kyoya is irritable and slow to wake up in the morning, which is attributed to low blood pressure. During their second year of middle school, they meet Tamaki Suoh who invites them to join the newly formed Host Club. Hatori mentioned that Renge was going to be a recurring character, but it never happened.

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At the end of Chapter and Episode 1, Haruhi makes a comment that when it comes to flirting with the female customers, she's "probably a little into that", suggesting she's not entirely straight.

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Please either enable it in your browser options, or visit your preferences to switch to the old MediaWiki editor. Both sport dark cloaks and have their features covered, but Kirimi carries a giant plush kitty instead of a Beelzeneff puppet. Yet, I don't. In the volume 18 extra pertaining to his future and that of Tamaki's parents, he is seen about to dump a vat of water on Tamaki's head, having been informed by Anne-Sophie that Tamaki was planning to ask for his permission to marry Haruhi.

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He was originally intended to have an extreme dual personality; however, the "crouching in the corner, depressed" stance was reassigned from him to Tamaki.

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