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Pop Songs and Radio Songs airplay charts. His Children and Family Facts. On 4 July Enrique Iglesias became the first Western artist to play a concert in Syria in three decades when he performed for a sold-out crowd of ten thousand in the capital Damascus [ citation needed ] and in the same week he performed on Live Earth in Hamburg. Both of them promoted the album at various venues, one of them being Larry King Livewhere he and Shinoda explained the project. Retrieved 25 July I have sex for breakfast Share this article with a friend Your Name: The CD also yielded Italian and Portuguese editions of the album, with most of the songs translated into those languages.

I Love the New Millennium.

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Enrique Iglesias: I have sex for breakfast

Enrique is nothing close to being gay, he has been in a relationship with a Russian Tennis Star, Anna Kournikova. Lea De Seine Date: The single was released in the middle of July. InIglesias' stardom continued to rise with the release of Vivir To Livewhich put him up with other English language music superstars in sales for that year. The Greatest Hits Mi vida: Dancing with the Stars. Enrique was born into a social elite family well rooted in one way or the other in the media.

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Once Upon a Time in Mexico. At first, Iglesias and his two siblings stayed with their mother, [19] but in DecemberIglesias' grandfather, Dr. Later on, Enrique Iglesias made progressed in his career and signed with Fonovisa Records. Thanks to other successful crossover acts, most notably that of Ricky Martin and Gloria EstefanLatino artists and music had a great surge in popularity in mainstream music. I Love the New Millennium. While some celebrities preferred keeping their baby news a secret, the other proudly introduced their little ones to the fans.