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Allow us to process your personal data? I arrived first so I picked the best room. Then as he deep throated my cock my load exploded. I unsnapped the three buttons and Brett started to moan as I unzipped his fly. He fucked my ass hard with a vengeance. I looked around and saw no one in the deserted corridor and I doubted anyone would be down here so late so I spat some of my warm and thick spit on to my restless cock. His hair wasn't long but it was a beautiful blonde.

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Morning came and we all got up showered shaved and suited up for the two games we had to play.

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He spread my cheeks and would punch his cock into my hole and then pull it out and watch it gape He had a really nicely shaped and large cock head that was now filling my mouth. He undressed in one corner and I in the other. Im 18 and recently had the best sex of my life, with my stepdad, paul. My cock was rock hard and dripping pre-cum everywhere, I was moaning and groaning like some bitch in heat and really getting into it. I then got on my knees and licked his balls, moving up his shaft towards his head. He had a pair of blue eyes that could make any person his to dominate.

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He then took my shirt off and ripped my pants and shoes off. I had a hard time keeping my legs on his shoulders since he was fucking me so fast. He released his grip and I gasped for air leaving his now glistening cock covered with my throat slime! My gaping ass was throbbing, winking at him as he pushed his cock head against my hole and then in one slow stroke, he was in balls deep. I was in college and played on the Junior Varsity baseball team. Still sucking his enormous dick I took off my jeans and underwear.

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