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His breathing quickened as his fingers dug in to my shoulders. Despite my misgivings he soon put me at ease with his chatter and pleasant voice. His moans grew more desperate. Perhaps my work wasn't up to standard and he was letting me go. Somehow I just knew that this was going to be one hell of a night! As I continued rubbing his slick cock head I caressed his large, soft balls.

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As I glanced down at my own deflating cut cock I wondered what it would feel like to own such a foreskin.

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The Foreman's Foreskin

My cum was mixed with his secretions underneath the foreskin. Using my lips and tongue I pushed his skin all the way back. Somehow I just knew that this was going to be one hell of a night! His moans grew more desperate. His sighs turned to moans. As he was wearing just a vest above the waist I was able to see the muscles in his strong, sun-tanned shoulders working as he moved about.

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As I milked it back and forth the delicate rose tinted cock head just peeped out. He licked his lips as he came off me. The I inserted a finger underneath the skin and rolled it around his glistening cockhead. He held my cock in one hand as he slowly pulled back his abundant foreskin. I lowered his jeans and out flopped a thick, uncut cock and a pair of large, surprisingly smooth balls. The beer was icy cold and very welcome after the heat of the day.

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