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The new Criminal Code also specifies that death sentences for rape, adultery, sodomy, and extramarital sexual relations must be carried out by stoning, punishment that according to the schedule of law implementation should begin to be enacted from If the active person is a non-Muslim and the passive person a Muslim, both will be sentenced to death. Ffokcuf June 27, at 8: It is a non-profit, non-violent, transnational and trans-national Partito Radicale founded in Brussels in and recognized in by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs as a development co-operation NGO. Judge Nuhu Mohammed had stated that he had not condemned him to stoning because the crime had happened many years before, and the young man had shown "great remorse".

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For all those against the death penalty for fags, I suggest that they open up their Bible to Leviticus

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Early inmilitants of the Islamic State threw a year-old boy accused of being gay down the roof of a building in Syrian town of Deir ez-Sor. This is very common knowledge that needs not to be cited just like saying Hitler had anti Jewish laws, John Booth shot Lincoln let alone Saudi Arabia is not getting along with Iran. King and Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques. Photos published on social media on November 23 show two blindfolded men being thrown down from the roof of a building in Fallujah with the accusation of "sodomy". So that quaint book of mythologies called the Bible is not relevant as to what should and should not be law in the U. Iran There have been some changes made in the new Islamic Criminal Code approved in its latest version by the Guardians' Council in April Iraq has become a death trap for gay men September 4.

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Our list and the ILGA list primarily disagree about the number of places where those executions have occurred recently, because the facts are murky. So that quaint book of mythologies called the Bible is not relevant as to what should and should not be law in the U. Nations with such laws on the books; no recent executions reported 1. Nigeria Erasing 76 Crimes report: Traditionally, the legal system of Saudi Arabia has consisted of royal decrees and the legal rulings of Islamic judges and clerics, and is not based on legal codes and written law. Thats doing whats right! God very clearly states what should be done to Sodomites in those 3 passages.

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