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Most Liked Most Commented. A source of much derision as a youth. Please login or register. Time is also a factor. My chosen family has become critical for me—they are affirming and supportive. But alternatives remained elusive, and brainstorming them kept Ting up at night. No pill or herb is going to give you an hourglass or pear-shaped figure if that is not how your body is designed to look.

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But I feel fine with my current hip shape, although it is a little bit masculine.

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My partner and I were really committed, despite all we had heard about how often couples break up when one person transitions, and we toughed it out for a while. Hormones and exercise will only enhance what you already have. It helps to do exercise for your ass and legs, which I do as much as possible. Also, you can't help others until you are happy and healthy yourself, especially through such a rightfully needy time.

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