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Vivien Leigh, having done a Southern accent, more or less, in Gone With the Wind, dropped into a slightly British accent during moments of the closing. We know how to adjust the intensity of what we say to suit the communicative environment; to comment softly to our neighbour during a play avoiding the hostile "Shhh! You just have to hold your pelvis at the proper angle and then it just sticks. Some charmed their 'audiences' with cute 'baby ways', and some infuriated or worryied their parents with behaviour ranging from refusing to give up their pacifiers, 'unreasonable' separation anxiety, and continuing to have two-year-old tantrums, to thumb sucking, baby-talking on purpose and drinking from baby bottles. Retrieved from " https:

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Speech therapists would agree that you clip your vowels and that makes you sound less effeminate.

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Queer Voices: Do I Sound Gay? Does It Matter?

But, linguistically speaking, sounding gay is really no different from sounding street, sounding posh or sounding like a bro. Our words need to be right, our body language, demeanour and behaviour need to be appropriate, and the way we speak - our "register", or communicative style - should reflect our own status and the status of the person we are talking to. Important for people who have spinal problems or smashed their tailbone like I did. It's good and sound advice to limit your female friendships. I'm very gay, but to me that's an entirely different thing than being a girl.

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There is a scene where a voice teacher shows her how to speak better. Take a deep breath, then speak as you exhale. Then he went out into the wilderness and yelled at the top of his lungs. It's not like black people calling each other the n-word, because it's often used as a way to "remind" other gay men that they are "less than" as well. You can change your voice.

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