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What will change is who enjoys the privilege and legal right to enter it. The ruling declares that Section 3 of the law cannot be used to deprive lawfully-married same-sex couples of the federal rights and benefits to which lawfully married opposite-sex couples are given. If you want to show our gay youth that it gets better you need to make sure the world knows who you are and who you love. United States. Progress Rd - access road. Stockdale Hway.

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Whether you were an acne-spotted theater geek or an all-American running back, if you are gay, back then you lived a lie to survive.

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Was I bullied in high school? Perhaps more importantly, this stark difference of position comes at a time when those who do not follow politics closely are beginning to see just how radical the Republican base — to which Romney is in thrall — has become. The Supreme Court now must resolve this conflict -- and today's decision virtually guarantees that the justices will have to act sooner rather than later. Does anyone really think about the consequences when they are caught up in the moment?

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What are you going to do?

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