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It's our halfiversary here at Big Gay Nerds! Which brings us back to Ron Howard. Episode 32 Monsterhearts 4. Episode 83 Monsterhearts 7. I'm gonna put this in the front: We finally return to Duskvol and the Resurrection….

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Episode 30 Monsterhearts 4.

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Big Gay Nerds

I love the amazing chemistry everyone has and the format that the show is!! After their grueling battle with the sewer mutant…. People were protesting, but how could you protest a pop star? Another Monsterhearts session wraps up with omino…. After their last two …. So, this is kind of a weird episode, because it w…. Episode 32 Monsterhearts 4.

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Brooklyn, New YorkU. Episode 39 Blades in the Dark 1. If Apple Books doesn't open, click the Books app in your Dock. Levi leads us into the latest iteration of Dungeo…. Now that this celebration is properly underway, i…. The holidays are here and the year is almost over….

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