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Views Read Edit View history. For example, the order of couples in a three-couple dance would be top three couples dancingbottom three couples dancingtop three couples dancing etc. SCD is very much a team effort, although there is disagreement as to the importance of couples within this and how the adding of embellishments, differing choreography or ways of correcting mistakes during a dance should be handled. Herbert Jenkins p. Scottish country dancing is generally danced in organised formations referred to as "sets". Interaction with a partner and the other dancers e.

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The Story of Scottish Country Dancing:

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Scottish country dances are categorised as reels including hornpipesjigsand strathspeys according to the type of music to which they are danced. Dance devisers seem to enjoy blending new ideas with the traditional though the results vary in popularity. Monuments World Heritage Sites. Many dances are only known regionally, though the most popular in a "traditional" vein are published by the RSCDS. In an article published in the Folk Dance Problem Solver historian Ron Houston failed to trace an earlier reference to this dance [2].

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Bonnie Anne, MacDonald of Sleat. Well-executed steps improve the look of a dance greatly, however their mastery involves quite some time and dedication and also a certain level of physical fitness, this does not mean a segregation of dancers is necessary however though it can lead to this due to the social nature of the dance. This page was last edited on 14 Augustat In quick time, there is also the slip step for quick sideways movement, e. Scottish country dancing is now recognised as a valuable activity for maintaining health and fitness.

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