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The foundation for a model of minority stress is not found in one theory, nor is the term minority stress commonly used. Table S1. Krafft-Ebing initially presented homosexuality as a severe manifestation of hereditary degeneration, but late in his life, after having met many homosexuals, he argued that they could be perfectly respectable and functional individuals. In addition, because Kinsey did not collect his data from a probability samplevalid inferences cannot be made from them to the larger population. This finding is not consistent across various ethnic groups: Washington, DC:

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An Evaluation Report.

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The social constructionist movement in modern psychology. Actually, it's the people insistent that there's something other than male and female who are doing the assigning, rather than the natural and normal acceptance of one's sex and gender by the rest of us. The articles were accompanied by three editorials Bailey, ; Friedman, ; Remafedi, Psychological perspectives on human diversity in America.

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