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Nicolay and John Hay, two early biographers, called him "the only -- as he was certainly the last -- intimate friend that Lincoln ever had. Tripp maintains that other writers, including Ida Tarbell and Margaret Leech, also found evidence of Lincoln's homosexuality but shied away from defining it as such or omitted crucial details. Each is terrified of the prospective wedding night. Perhaps it is too difficult for us now to remove the sexual element from the situation, but Lincoln seems to have done so: The Players. Well, marriage was a contract and social convention, not necessarily a love match. Queer Voices.

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Eventually, I came to write my own Lincoln, dealing with the master politician as a counterbalance to the folksy figure so beloved of apolitical chroniclers, particularly in the early part of the 20th century, when the sex life of a Mount Rushmoreite was taboo and speculation was neither encouraged nor pursued by those with tenure rather than truth in mind.

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Several of them are signed "Yours forever. He is also the author of Pagan Holiday: However, it is important to respect the fact that a small percentage of people, in my experience more women than men, feel very strongly that their sexuality is more fluid and that they did make a choice.

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The outspoken activist and writer first began writing the script six years agoaccording to Gold Derby, but the final version, while meticulously detailed, is also sexless.

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