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I believe it was Cathy Cariotoki who finally told me: He had disappeared several times in an attempt to escape. Occasionally they manage an ineffectual tantrum. Russia Church of Scientology v. Journal of Religion and Health. August 14, " Dianetics: By all accounts he was far too gentle to govern Scientology, or indeed to govern anything.

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Quoted in Atack, p.

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'Scientology the Aftermath' explores L. Ron Hubbard's alleged abuse of his own family

Quentin's father's response was cold-blooded, he was furious that his son had let him down. Scientology and Timeline of Scientology. He undoubtedly has charisma, a magnetic lure of an indefinable kind which makes him the centre of attraction in any kind of gathering. The death report said there was sperm in the anal canal and he had died of asphyxiation of carbon monoxide. The couple would not even talk to investigators on the phone. Life and death of Quentin Hubbard Quentin was found unkempt with a beard stubble, a state that no one who knew Quentin could accept. Quentin was a homosexual.

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However, the documents that he uncovered convinced both Armstrong and Garrison that Hubbard had systematically misrepresented his life. He was 22 years of age. Fortunately for us, few of the locals even cared to talk to the staring, stiff, and sullen students and staff. Toronto Globe and Mail Jan. Brian, who has since blown the Sea Org and is no longer a scieno, made a habit of getting up on a chair and screaming his lungs out at individual interns. The Church of Scientology describes Hubbard in hagiographic terms, [14] and he portrayed himself as a pioneering explorerworld traveler, and nuclear physicist with expertise in a wide range of disciplines, including photography, art, poetry, and philosophy.

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