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He looks horrible in r50's link! Because he's uncut and Canadian. Enemabag Jones Ron Jackson: Jim Verraros- I am the only one who didn As for girls in his life

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I actually don't think it's that big of a f--king issue anymore.

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Kevin Zegers says movie audiences ready for gay hero

But one thing I was aware of was the fact that there haven't been many great examples of a really strong gay character, one of the leads in a really big movie who happens to be gay and who's also kind of a badass. Oh for fuck sakes. The attached is Kevin at the premier of a movie called "Henry's Crime" - not a movie he's featured in. Complex similar plot, but well worth the read. Oh, and the movie looks terrible and was already done. Years and years of rumors that finally expoldes into an actual allegation — but as usual — there are no credible witnesses, videotape, or actual pictures to prove any fact. Visit the website below to see what Kevin looks like today at age 30, almost

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If you want to see a picture of Kevin's wife, Jaime, go to the website below. Cory was the nicest man I knew. He only decided to play Alec in the Mortal Instruments not an indie film because he felt that Alec was a very interesting character to portray. In it he says he's been sober for 2 years. He was only 15 when he starred in it, and the show was short lived. How do we know he is uncut?

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