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Horrendous moment 11 year old is beaten up by bully on her way home. Apparently, he learned everything he knows about gym attire from reading Flex This guy, for one reason or another, lives by the cable stack. I mean frigging loafers? Chat Boy This type of guy is rare, but you don't want to run into him.

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I thought about the gyms I've belonged to and some of the people I've had the displeasure of working out alongside.

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Don't Be THAT Guy: Gym Weirdos

NASA discovers ancient impact crater beneath Greenland glacier. Tightpants This is self-explanatory. The Jackass I couldn't think of more appropriate name for the guy who loads up a bar or machine, does his reps and leaves it. Stanky Stanky, for lack of a better term, stank. Treadswill It's bad enough to watch people bounce the bar off their chests and squat 2 inches down, but now I have to see cheating during cardio?! New battle royale game hits 25 million downloads in one week. Huey's claim to fame is that he mocks all of his scrawny classmates at my gym for the weights they use.

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One of these days, I expect to see her gracefully soaring over the parking lot. You've seen the group of guys—usually high school to early 20's—lifting together. Not only is this a hazard for anyone near him, it breaks down the dumbbells. You've probably seen one, know one, or hell— you may even be one! One workout I could understand, but nobody forgets their gym bag everyday. This type of guy is rare, but you don't want to run into him.

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