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In order to make his ex-wife jealous, Jack has Liz pretend to be his girlfriend. Rumisiel is Ash's beard on Misfileto Ash's eternal annoyance. The term "beard" is a running gagused four times e. Reno and Evelyn do eventually get married in a double wedding with Billy and Hopewhich possibly subverts this trope. According to the celebrity gossip blogs and their commenters, any woman who dates a handsome young Hollywood celebrity is a beard, because every last one of them is gay.

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The Spanish film Inconcientes portrays a gay subculture where it's common for gays to marry lesbians for the sake of outward appearances.

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Beard (companion)

Later in life he faced accusations of paederasty and homosexual paedophilia, which delayed his acceptance of a knighthood at his request until they had been put to rest. In Undefeated Bahamut ChronicleKrulcifer asks Lux to pretend to be her boyfriend for a week, in order to fool a butler from her family who's coming to pressure her about political marriage. He winds up asking Seo to do it — it works, but not in the way he expected. It's initially Maguri, and later becomes Haine. In Jasmine Cresswell's Love for Hire the main character made up an imaginary boyfriend to avoid her mother's concern about her love life. And that's on a good week.

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Ironically Mark's wife is also in love with a woman and neither know of their partners sexuality. In college she comes to the conclusion she shouldn't lie to herself but she doesn't wanna be gay so she decides to never datethough this train of thought doesn't last too long. In fact, during college, he used at least four or five other girls one of which was the infamous Kiyomi Takada for this purpose, either with or without their knowledge. The main character, an unpopular nerd, helps a popular girl. After a couple of weeks, he asks her out for real. Megumi, a young intersex girl raised as a boy, is having trouble adjusting in part because all of her former Nakama are doggedly pursuing her now that she's Jumped the Gender Barrier.

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