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I sensed a pleasant cock fragrance. I guess he wasn't shy of it. I told him to lick as hard as he could, then I closed my eyes. He would also lick around the balls of my feet and then kiss the bottoms of my heels. Then I stepped back.

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Here, you will find hundreds of sock and foot fetish gay sex stories to read and enjoy!

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My foot fetish

I put my hand up his shirt, and felt his nipples, they were hard. Josh is way better than I am. Josh walked in we kissed and hugged I could feel his 8inch dick start to move in his pants when he pushed up against me. Allow us to process your personal data? He slowly put his feet around them and moved up and down. It was all cool until we got to that tree. My tough guys Beautiful feet!

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Josh and I had sex the average blow jobs, hand jobs, ect But the moment came when I realized that we should get going, and I told him that we will continue on to the camp that night every two partners had their own tent. I told him that if he worshipped my feet I will give anything that he wants. Foot Fetish camping experience. Josh is way better than I am.

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