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I of course hadn't done any pre-planning but thought with the little I did, it didn't turn out too badly. They send me the link to one of his porn vids, and i saw a blond young guy with a slim tattooed and pierced body fucking an older guy with a huge 10 inch cock. I would guess offhand atleast over 9" thick - probably closer to 9. He also has a roommate that is a little thinner than he is, but very good-looking, and they both are into fucking guys on the side. He was always straight, had girlfriends, played sports through high school, and I haven't seen him since last Christmas break, but he is into the boys now. I felt the soft mushy walls of my once tight sphincter and felt the slick cum that was slowly leaking from it. Let me out of this fucken cell.

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Looks hot and ready to go.

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Yes; Please; and Fuck me. I asked Matt to not show those pics, but I guess it is good he did cause now I'm here. He repeated the same process until over the course of the next half hour he had worked all four fingers into my hole and was slowly twisting them in and out of my now loosened hole. Damn, that was hot! Really hit the point home! Stunning smooth cut-up body, adorable face with a crooked smile, and a perfect cock I think he is probably 8.

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So, I think I put skid marks in the carpet on my way to brush my teeth and shower. Sunday, December 20, Home for Christmas. I gasped, the basement was nothing like the rest of the modern but conservative house. I was pushed onto hands and knees, john stood at my head and he held my pussy open and John worked his cock into me. He did suck on both my cock and Justin's cock some, but he knows my thing, so he did a great job of double stuffing me and is really verbal too which I sooooo love. I had to go back to the mall to get some Christmas presents. Fucked me relentlessly for an hour and a half, dumped 2 loads each in my pussy, and promised we'd be seeing one another after break.

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