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It almost feels like we're bringing that character into the modern world a little bit, and reminding people that queer people like this are all around us, and that the one way they've been portrayed for so long isn't the only way that we have to see them. Amy thought Rory was this when they were teenagers, since he never showed interest in girls. Rachel has an ugly habit of calling Kurt her "best gay". He had it in his bones. The story is hilarious right from the start, with the hottest girls wanting to have a gay best friend for various reasons. While her character tackles the trope of women competing against one another in the workplace, she applauds Jones for pushing forward LGBTQ representation through his character. Determined that he won't go through life alone, she sets out to find him a husband.

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Is your gay best friend stopping you from finding a man?

I am going to be honest here, Lindsay. Also hilariously discussed in an earlier joke: It must be how straight teenage boys feel when they realize those boobs they like have heads attached to them. But on one of the occasions Frasier is Mistaken for GayGil is there to welcome him out of the closet. She also tells Tanner she created the second prom to win since most of the school dislikes her. This is such a universal story.

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Edit Details Official Sites: What's best is he's not even gayhe's bisexual. Tanner Daniels Paul Iacono Official Facebook Official Twitter. In among all the Cringe Comedy and Mistaken for Gaythere are some legitimately touching moments, including a scene where the housemate chews him out for making stupid assumptions based on his sexuality. That's what I would

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