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This annoys your barber and could turn out poorly for your ear. On the Ground in Iowa on Pride Day. Don't be that guy. It's even worse when you're depending on them to take their time to make you look good. Don't cut your own hair Since you're not five years old, it should go without saying that you shouldn't cut your own hair, but even cleaning up your own neckline can be really frustrating.

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Keep the conversation light "I'm not saying that, as a rule, you shouldn't talk to your stylist about the intricate details of your love life.

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It's a barbershop, not a bar Serving bourbon or beer at barbershops is a recent trend, but as it turns out, when all that imbibing leads to you snoring and drooling over everything, it's a bitch to the entire barbershop. Leave Yoko at home "It's really uncomfortable when their significant other is standing over your shoulder directing the cut," says just about every barber from almost every city. Just ask.

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So basically, if you want Justin Timberlake's hairdepending on what's physically possible, you can pretty much have it, but that doesn't necessarily mean it'll bring your sexy back.

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