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Men on the down low are unlikely to be reached by prevention campaigns targeted at MSM who actually identify as gay or bisexual. DL brotha here lookin to freak wit a hot dude. But some scholars have come to doubt the reading of black culture as intrinsically more homophobic than white culture. Please upgrade your browser. Sexual desire among bisexually-active Latino men in New York City. DL culture has grown, in recent years, out of the shadows and developed its own contemporary institutions, for those who know where to look: There have always been men black and white who have had secret sexual lives with men.

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Even prior to the HIV epidemic, a body of research on bisexual behavior among Latino men emerged from social scientists working within Latin America and the Caribbean.

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We're sorry that urban schools are crappy. And if there are some DL guys willing to take the risk -- to jeopardize their social and family standing by declaring their sexuality -- that contempt doesn't do much to convince them they'd ever really be welcome in Manhattan's Chelsea or on Fire Island. In this pilot study, they observed in this ethnically diverse sample that unprotected sex was common, more so with steady partners than with casual partners, regardless of their sex.

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Same-gender-loving, or SGL, a term coined for African American use by activist Cleo Manago, is a description for homosexuals and bisexuals in the African American community.

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