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It's just part of the pair-bonding process. In Diana Ross took the same tune to No. They sing for two very specific, serious reasons. I can't imagine there's anyone unfamiliar with this popular song, and I suspect it's at least partly responsible for the widespread misunderstanding of the meaning of bird song. I often hear white-throated sparrows and Carolina wrens sing in January. The second verse begins by asking, "Why do birds sing so gay?

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If you hear a bird singing between dusk and dawn and it's clearly not an owl or a whippoorwill, it's likely a mockingbird or a yellow-breasted chat.

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Why Do Fools Fall in Love

Mockingbirds, for example, which have an extensive repertoire of songs, sing a different song whenever they move to a new perch. But contrary to what may seem intuitively obvious, birds do not sing for joy. They sing for two very specific, serious reasons. Saturday, May 13, But before we get to that, let's examine bird vocalization in general.

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It may seem like overkill, but wandering males cannot mistake the keep-out signal. Throughout the year birds vocalize to communicate everyday information. Marking territory Males sing for two reasons, and the message depends upon who is hearing the song. To outsiders, it may sound as if many males occupy the area, so they look for areas where there might be less competition. It says, "I'm available, I've got a nice territory, I can provide for you, let's become a couple.

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