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In typical farce style, his partner Nathan Lane —the star of his club's drag show—poses as his dowdy wife in order to convince his son's future in-laws that they're a wholesome American family. The first mainstream queer film of the new millennium, Brokeback Mountain ushered its themes into the mainstream. TriStar Pictures. South Korea. Amazon iTunes The greatest, most achingly beautiful gay male romance movie. Amazon What do a recently divorced woman and a middle-aged gay man have in common? Amazon iTunes Filmstruck.

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Todd Haynes Stars:

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Tom Gustafson Stars: Arthur Hiller Stars: And even if some gay movies do suck, there are indisputably plenty of others that don't. This is a collection of movies that, at the very least, express to its viewers that—no matter what end of sexual or gender spectrum in which they feel most comfortable—they are not alone.

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The Sons of Tennessee Williams.

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